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Updated to 3.3.4

Dom787 ModAdminDonor posted Mon at 11:29
Both servers updated to 3.3.4! Have fun with the new pokes :)

Pokeradar - Ban policy

SeracillaXLR8r ModAdminDonor posted Nov 12, 14
-badguy sera- be afraid.....

Okay so i know a lot of you out there have been using mods that allow you to detect shinies, Bosses, and specific pokemon. Well to be honest there is a rule that states
"the use of pokeradar or any other Entity detecting mod will be met with a  ban"

So clearly you guys are aware that we do not allow it on the servers. Yesterday 11/11/2014 over 5 players were banned on server 1 and several more were heavily questioned about these mods.

So starting 11/11/2014 any player who is Caught useing any sort of entity detecting mod that can signal out Pokemon names, shiny poke, Boss poke. Detect there nature and sizes. show you there HP, or any other mod that can give you an unfair advantage over another player concerning the capturing of pokemon. Will result in a ban that may last up to 5 days provided the ban dispute is accepted. when you return your Player file ((pokemon data)) will be erased - Any held staff position, Gym leader, builder, helper, Trusted helper, Mod, AND Admin are not exempt from this rule, cheating isn't something that will be met lightly.

Players who have returned previously or were banned previous to 11/11/2014 will be treated under the old Shiny pokeradar punishment.
 and that is a long term ban up to 5 days from the server and in case of staff, will recive an immediate demotion to the trainer class ((if they have donor or any donor perks those will stay ))

Other than that thank you for your time and enjoy your stay :D

Both servers in the hub

Dom787 ModAdminDonor posted Nov 10, 14
Hey guys,
Finally we have both servers in the hub! Everything went smoothly however, you will need to update to the latest version of minecraft forge. Without this you will not be able to access either server.
That is the link to the installer for the latest 1.7.10 minecraft forge! 

Both servers updated to 3.3.3!

Dom787 ModAdminDonor posted Nov 9, 14
As the title says! Have fun guys!
parkit619 Heads Up If you have any placed ranch blocks (a.k.a Breeding Machines) they must be picked up asap. Please put you pokem ...

Server rules and updates

SeracillaXLR8r ModAdminDonor posted Oct 21, 14
Hey all Sera here to bring you some important information about the server.
lets start with a big thank you To Dom to getting us updated to 3.3.1!
now to business *dun dun duuuunnn* 

Breeding: we have disabled the possibility to obtain legendaries with Ditto x Ditto breeding however all pokemon other than legendaries can be obtained that way (( including ditto and Porygon ))

Breeding: Porygon - We do not mind you breeding your porygon to increase its IV's. what we don't' want to be seeing is you selling or trading away porygons because its profitable for you. if you have a porygon and your breeding all porygons you breed must stay in your pc. ANY porygon you breed stays with you.

Breeding: /kit breeder : Grants you breeding items every 6 hours  - this kit includes Variations of EV training berries and Ranch upgrades. and a bunch of environment enhancing blocks. this Kit is NOT a crossover kit, if you buy it for server 1 you will only get it on for server one and it expires after a month. the kit is $15 but provides you everything you need to begin your breeding quest and the it coming very soon.

Player vaults: we are reducing the amount of player vaults for each player.  Trainers will get 1 player vault. Donor's will get 3 player vaults 

Premium Shop Server 1 Trial: Server 1 has opened a premium shop that allows us to change the items every week to help players get items during that week, right now we are on a Alpha test on server 1 All of the new pixelmon items are available and at popular request Masterballs can now be purchased in the Shop * for the trial period all players will have access to this shop. after the trial period has ended it will be a shop that is only accessible for donors.

Drop party: On november the 1st following the Server sponsored event tournament in MT chimney on Server 1 we will be having the Server 1 drop party. 2 grass donors and 2 30% off vouchers will be added plus over 2 mil worth of items dropped.

Voting rewards: as your all aware there has been an announcement about how to win A random shiny + 64 rare candies. the answer is monthly top voter. the monthly top voter will receive this as a prize. you also receive prizes for voting anyway so go and go crazy with with that :D

Random Shiny: As you are aware there is something called random shiny, We are adding to the shop a Free random shiny as a 1 time use in the free section for Server 1 and 2. all players may idealize this as it is to assist players who join and to give all of our active players something back. this will take effect in a few days.

Dom787 ModAdminDonor Free random shiny is located in the freebies section of the donation store! Good luck!
legendofswampert Watch Sera or Ipod get a 3rd Shiny Eevee from the free random Shiny xD <3