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Temporary Outage - Rresolved

SeracillaXLR8r ModAdminDonor posted May 2, 15

We have an outage that was brough to my attention, i do not know how long it will take for myself or Kiwi to restore it, Please be pacient with us while we attempt to resolve the issue!

We have resolved the issue! Both server 1 and Server 2 should be online! 

Pedecola Twas fast, thanks Sera! you are awesome!

That's right guys, BOTH servers have now been updated to 3.4.0!

If you have any issues please comment them below!

Pedecola easy breezy update! Go on!
SynodicVinyl_ Same Forge, just replace the pixelmon versions in your mods folder!

New rules for both S1 and S2

Dom787 ModAdminDonor posted Dec 14, 14
1.No cheating, hacking and mods which give an unfair advantage, examples:
-Entity directing minimaps (ones that can identify pixelmon by name)
-X-ray (any form including texture packs)
-Smart moving

2. No cursing or offensive language.
Censoring is NOT allowed
This includes racist words, dirty talk, offensive body parts and common curses.
For more details ask a staff member in message to tell you if a word is good to use.

3. No griefing. Do not touch what someone else made unless you're trusted by them.

4. No spam including personal message spam, no links in public chat unless staff allows it, NO ADVERTISING.

5. Respect each other and their opinions and actions.

6. Don't steal items. If someone drops an item and it's not meant for you, do not take it.

7. No 'sniping'. If someone clearly sees a pokemon first, don't try to steal it. Prevent a sniper by screenshotting you near the pokemon first.

8. If someone asks you to leave their property you listen.

9. No noob towers or holes, unless you're building and will remove them afterwards. (1x1 holes and towers)

10. Do not claim or build near others without permission. Do not claim what isn't yours, and do not say something you didn't build is yours. You also cannot say an area is yours alone unless you built it or can claim it.

11. Do not purposely kill someone by any means. (Fire, suffocation, traps..)

If you have a problem ask staff to help you.
Go to the helpers first.
If no staff is on make a forum post in the respective topic.
If you have a personal problem with a staff member go to an admin personally, do not make a post about this.

-Donors aren't above anyone
-Gym leaders are only higher in gym matters
-No one can avoid the rules, not even the admins.

To get a staff position, make a proper application with the template and DO NOT ASK FOR A STAFF POSITION OTHERWISE.

Notes: 30 day old claims can be removed, and the build inside will be rolled back including all items found in chests.

If you are banned for hacking we have the ability to reset your player file.

Do not bother staff with useless questions including:
-free items
-change of day/night time
Pedecola just to make it more clear than it is already is! thanks for the post! And what about the voting system? Still on maint ...
molderion This was needed ^ Liking the new rules Door, keep up the good work ...

Updated to 3.3.4

Dom787 ModAdminDonor posted Nov 17, 14
Both servers updated to 3.3.4! Have fun with the new pokes :)
Pedecola Hi Guys! I have a question. For a long time I did not logged on and see many things have changed, including the version ...
Dom787 ModAdminDonor No, you need a full account to play on these servers
StrifeDNZ can you use cracked?

Pokeradar - Ban policy

SeracillaXLR8r ModAdminDonor posted Nov 12, 14
-badguy sera- be afraid.....

Okay so i know a lot of you out there have been using mods that allow you to detect shinies, Bosses, and specific pokemon. Well to be honest there is a rule that states
"the use of pokeradar or any other Entity detecting mod will be met with a  ban"

So clearly you guys are aware that we do not allow it on the servers. Yesterday 11/11/2014 over 5 players were banned on server 1 and several more were heavily questioned about these mods.

So starting 11/11/2014 any player who is Caught useing any sort of entity detecting mod that can signal out Pokemon names, shiny poke, Boss poke. Detect there nature and sizes. show you there HP, or any other mod that can give you an unfair advantage over another player concerning the capturing of pokemon. Will result in a ban that may last up to 5 days provided the ban dispute is accepted. when you return your Player file ((pokemon data)) will be erased - Any held staff position, Gym leader, builder, helper, Trusted helper, Mod, AND Admin are not exempt from this rule, cheating isn't something that will be met lightly.

Players who have returned previously or were banned previous to 11/11/2014 will be treated under the old Shiny pokeradar punishment.
 and that is a long term ban up to 5 days from the server and in case of staff, will recive an immediate demotion to the trainer class ((if they have donor or any donor perks those will stay ))

Other than that thank you for your time and enjoy your stay :D