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[Owner] KiwiFisher Owner
KiwiFisher @ Hub
posted Sat at 16:32
A few things that are currently being worked on, in the order they are being worked on:

- Portuguese chat channel
- Factions server
- New Forums (Current one is a total train smash)
- Youtube Videos (In line with forums)

If you have anything you want added to the list please just comment :)
missmustache12 I TOTALLY agree with Thisvelvetglover! Gyms would be amazing!
balloon1305 i also think there should be more pixelmon drops in the store.
Thisvelvetglover Donor gym leaders?

Happy Easter!

[Owner] KiwiFisher Owner
KiwiFisher @ Hub
posted Sat at 15:58
Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! I will try organise something today in terms of an Easter egg hunt :3

Hope you are all enjoying the server!

3.0 shinies!

[Owner] KiwiFisher Owner
KiwiFisher @ Hub
posted Apr 9, 14
Random shinies in the donor store now include ALL 3.0 pokemon (Excl. legendaries), including all Porygon versions!

20% off all Pokemon!

[Owner] KiwiFisher Owner
KiwiFisher @ Hub
posted Mar 25, 14
All pokemon are 20% off in the donor store! YES, this does include random shinies!

Reason for the sale? No reason, just felt like making one :P Haha

Ends March 28
tmetz1of2 wait where can I buy pixelmon
Yi Xin how to get in
supertwix123 When can u update to 3.0.3 cause u can get pokes like kyrogre, groundon and scizor

Server down Back online!

[Owner] KiwiFisher Owner
KiwiFisher @ Hub
posted Mar 25, 14
Hi guys,

I'm sure you have all noticed that the server is down. This is not a minecraft server related issue, nor a hardware issue... I'm not sure what is wrong to be honest. I have contacted my host and we will have it resolved as soon as possible. I'm very sorry for the down time :(

Server 2, you have a TEMP IP of ''. This is temporary and will be gone once the hub is back up.

So I contacted my host and he looked into it immediately and found out that the datacenter had in fact allocated OUR IP address to another machine... This is the second time they have made a stupid mistake and my host doesn't like how they dealt with either situation, so we will be moving datacenters to a new locations in Dallas, Texas. This will take place on around the 1st is 2nd of next month. More details on this to come. You guys can see this as a bit of maintenance, and for you nothing will change, expect your ping by a few my, hopefully for the better as Dallas is central USA.

Ill release exact times one they are figured out.

Thanks guys :)


OOGLABOOGLA HA! i have 900 ping goml (jk i cry about it sometimes ;c) ...
cameronnoremac Donor Wooo, low ping for me c:
Zarlem Donor This is what happens when Kiwi leaves for a few days xD I guess the datacenters wanted him to come back ...
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